We have been experiencing an increasing number of requests for purchasing crypto through Nova Bank, resulting on an overflow of our staff’s workload in the past week, causing delays on processing other requests from users and support tickets.

We praise to offering top-tier quality services to our clients, and currently the buying crypto option has been overloading our personnel capacity, resulting in great slippages to our clients and constraining the processing of other services, such as withdraws and deposits, which we understand as being in the core of our platform. Buying crypto was meant to be a side-functionality, complementing the many other use-cases our platform has to offer. To mitigate the impact these requests on our workload, we have decided to temporarily halt the the buying crypto function, until we are able to put in place a more effective and less time-consuming procedure to process these requests.

The halt will start on the 20th March 2021 (GMT) and will go on indefinitely. Any orders placed before 19th March 2021 11:59pm will still be processed normally, and any orders placed after this date will be cancelled.

We don’t expect it to impact the function of the platform in any shape or form, as it works completely independent from the buying crypto functionality, which sends out the assets directly to your external wallet.

We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause to you, and we will be working to resume operations on buying crypto soon.