Empowering individuals and companies to do business globally.

We are a financial technology company established in 2020 to serve a changing global financial industry.

About our company:


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We believe in democracy, accessibility and effectiveness.

On an environment of deglobalization, we have a part to play on allowing individuals and companies to do business on a global scale. Nova Bank was born from the idea of making cross-border financial settlements accessible, fast, cheap and secure. From that, we have developed a wide range of products and services that democratizes financial and banking services, empowering the average person and the small businesses. We are a registered company in the United Kingdom, and our services can be used worldwide, with very few exceptions.

We believe in innovation.

Our company works continuously to improve our existing range of products and services, and to create new solutions to our users. Innovation is at our core, and we endeavor to serve all of our customers with top-notch technology and seamless platforms.

A bit more about our founder.

Paulo is the founder and CEO of Baronceli & Partners Co. Ltd. With great entrepreneurial experience, Paulo has more then 10 years working with the construction, engineering, marketing and technology industries, leveraging projects and helping companies to thrive. He emphasizes the challenge of building and motivating valuable teams and finding great talents

Our values:


We believe that there is no best way than working together to create the best user experiences, with the best products and the best services. We value team work and the capacity to share.


We want to be personal and focus on the individual needs of our customers. For that, all of our products and services aim to create personal value to each one of our users in the platform.


We value results, and always endeavor to deliver the best ones. Each individual and team achievements counts, and we believe that good results come from well applying all of our other values.


All of our products and services are developed thinking of how democratic and accessible they are. We don't want to be the elite, we want to be the people, and we want to empower the individual.


We understand that mistakes happen, and the most important thing is the will to fix it and make it right. Here we held ourselves accountable, from the individual to the team. We will make it right.

Financial freedom

We value financial freedom, and we try our best to promote it. All of our products and services are created with that in mind, and will help you on creating a constructive and sustainable financial life.