If you have made a payment to the wrong person, of the wrong amount or simply by mistake, you might be able to get your funds back.

Step 1: Contact the person of whom you have sent the funds by mistake

The first step is to contact the person directly and ask for them to refund you, given the mistaken payment. All payments are made using users’ email addresses, so you can use the same address you have used when making the payment, to contact the user directly.

If the situation gets resolved then, you don’t need to take the second step as described below.

Step 2: Request a payment reversal

If the user have refused to return your funds, you can lodge a payment reversal request with us.

Payment reversals are very exceptional situations, and more often than not, unless you present a very good argument for us to revert you transaction, your request will likely be declined by our team. We are very strict on these kind of operations because it affects the legal framework of our institution and may result in juridical instability, leading users to believe it is not safe or reliable to use our platform.

Although strict, the process is simply and straight forward. You just need to send us a message with your transaction details, the denial of the user on returning your funds and explaining why it was a mistaken payment.

If we find that your reasons justify a payment reversal, we will process it for you and you won’t be charged anything for that.