You can update your basic profile information through the ‘My Profile’ option on your internet banking platform.

The menu option should take you to your profile’s webpage, where you can simply change your information and click on ‘Update’ on the bottom of the page.

When doing any changes on your profile information, please be aware that:

  • We don’t recommend you to change your name through there.
  • The ‘name changing option’ available, will only change your display name, as your full legal name is stored on a separate operational database that can only be accessed by our staff.
  • Your email is the pivot point of contact between us and you, so make sure that you have the right email address there, otherwise you won’t be able to fund your account or redeem funds on our platform.
  • We recommend you to regularly change your password.

Information not listed on your profile

You probably noticed that some information, such as your residential address and ID number, are not shown on your profile page. That is because all these information are stored on a separate database and only our staff have access to it.

You can change and update these information by sending us an email with the request. If you are changing your ID number or your address, we will need you to attach a proof document with your request.