You can use your account to send quotes and invoices directly to your clients, to get paid in Swaaps. You can access those options by clicking on ‘My Business > Send Invoice/Send Quote’ in the main menu.

To send your invoice or quote, you simply need to fill out the fields and click on ‘Send’ on the bottom of the page.

Send it for more than one email

For sending it to more than one email, you can use the ‘Additional Emails’ field, separating each email by a comma.


Subtotal, shipping, tax, discount and total fields

These fields are not calculated automatically, so you will have to manually input the values. It is worth to double-check everything before sending your invoice or quote.

Can I retrieve a sent invoice?

No. Not yet at least. Any invoices you might send, will not be stored in our system and you won’t be able to manage or retrieve them through your internet banking platform. We intend to build a more comprehensive invoicing and quoting solution in the future, but for now, the only way for you to retrieve sent invoices or quotes, is by referring back to the copies that are sent to your email address.