Making payments with your Nova Bank account is very easy.

You can access the payments page by clicking on ‘Funds Management > Pay & Transfer’ option in the main menu.

The payment form is as simple as it can be and you will need to input very basic information to get your payment processed:

Destination’s email address

All transactions can be tracked using the users’ email addresses. We did this to simplify the wallet addresses and make it more user-friendly and easy to remember. Simply write the email address of the person or company you are transferring the funds or making the payment.

Amount to transfer

Specify the amount you want to transfer.


You can use this field to write a particular reference or message that describes the transfer or payment you are about to make. This field is not mandatory and you can leave it in blank if you want.

The destination won’t be able to read or see this reference, but it will be useful for us in case we need to find your transaction in the future.