To fund your account is easy and quick. You can access the funding form by clicking on the ‘Funds Management > Fund Account’ option in the main menu.

After the form is loaded, you will need to get a wallet address for your deposit. In order to do that, simply click on the ‘Get a Deposit Wallet Address’ button, and an email with a ERC-20 wallet will be sent to you.

After getting your wallet address, simply transfer Swaaps from your wallet, fill the form with your transaction details and click on ‘Submit’.

The process usually takes between 2-3 business days, but can take up to 5 business days in some ocasions.

Sending a copy of your transaction receipt is not mandatory, but it might help on accelerating the process of your request, so we definitely recommend you to do so.

Once processed, the funds will show up on your account and you will be able to use it straight away.