Tether Credit Account

We guarantee fast and reliable review of your application, and funding in 24h.


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Collateral-to-loan Ratio



Loan-to-collateral Ratio


Loan Term

Maximum Term


How does it work?


You apply

The first step is to submit your application. You will need to have a full account¹ with us for your application to be considered.


We review it

We will review your application, and if everything is all right, you should receive a confirmation email with your credit contract's terms.


We lend it

As long as you have enough collateral in your account, we will credit the Tethers (USDT) into your account, and after that you can use however you want.

¹ A full account will have to meet all KYC requirements.

Some common questions:

You will need to provide us collateral in order to have your credit approved. It helps us on avoiding losses, and that is how we manage to offer lending services with minimum KYC and no credit checks at all. For example, if you want to borrow USDT 1,000 and the CLR (collateral-to-loan ratio) is at 1.75, it means that you will have to deposit the equivalent of USDT 1,750 either in BTC or ETH to have your application successful. You will also be responsible to keep your collateral above the minimum LCR (loan-to-collateral ratio). It often happens when the assets you have used as collateral loses value against the USDT, and it is no longer enough to cover your balance under the minimum LCR requirements. In the same example as above, if you have borrowed USDT 1,000 and the LCR is 80%, the balance on your loan can never be more than 80% of your collateral, or in this case, USDT 1,250. If your LCR goes below the minimum required, we will ask for you to deposit extra collateral within a given timeframe. If you don’t comply, your collateral may be liquidated to service your loan, you will pay a penalty, and the remaining funds – if any – will be credited in your account.

No. We are not credit writers nor a financial institution, thus we cannot lend you fiat currency. Instead we are lending you Tether tokens (USDT) to – in principle – be used inside our own platform, and you will not be able to convert it to USD or any other fiat currency using your Nova Bank account.

No. We will lend you Tether tokens (USDT), and that is the only type of withdraw we allow for credit balances.

Yes, once you have your tokens credited in your account, you can withdraw them to any ERC-20 or BEP-20 external wallet, as long as this wallet is under your full control.

Your credit balance will have a payback term, and you need to pay it back on its entirety before the term expires. To service your credit balance, all you need to do is to deposit or buy Tether (USDT) in your Nova Bank account, and further use it to service your balance, using the “My Credit Account” tab in the main menu. The system will map your account automatically and close off your balance, and your collateral will be sent back to you within 48 hours.

We will liquidate your collateral only: 1. If your loan term finishes and you haven’t cleared it and 2. If your LCR is below our minimum requirements for more than 72h. In both cases, we will liquidate your collateral to service your loan, collect a contractual penalty fee, and credit the surplus (if any) into your account, in USDT.

What's in it for you?

No credit checks

We don't do any credit checks in order to approve your loan.

Immediate liquidity

You will be able to withdraw your tokens as soon as they are credited to you.

Fast and reliable

We guarantee fast and reliable review of your application. Funding in 24h¹.

Help and support

We have a dedicated team to provide you help and support to get your loan.

Secure custody

We provide secure crypto custody for your collateral.

Global and accessible

You can get a loan regardless of where you live or come from.

¹ After the credit has been approved and the collateral deposit has been confirmed.

Credit application form

You will have to have submitted your full KYC form to have your credit request approved.