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Global, instant and free cash transfers

Transfer value across the globe, instantly and for free¹ with our platform.

Blockchain technology on its core

Safe and reliable settlements, using blockchain technology.

Preserve your purchasing power

You can earn up to 10%p.a. interest just by holding a balance² on your account.

What can we do for you?

Digital Account

A fully functional digital account where you will be able to pay, transfer, exchange, generate invoices, quotes and much more. It is the gateway to your business becoming global.

Personal Loan

We can underwrite personal loans in Swaap Stablecoin (SAP) against your crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, Ether or Polkadot. We guarantee fast and reliable review of your application, and funding in 24h.

Saving & Staking

You can earn up to 10%p.a. interest on your account balance, compounded and paid daily.

Buy Crypto

Buy crypto assets with your credit or debit card, in just a few clicks, on a quick and seamless way.

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Ethereum Network

Compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain

Compatible with the Binance ecosystem.